Skis for your wheelchair


As a wheelchair user, you are familiar with the challenges to your everyday mobility due to ice and snow.

While winter ground conditions are generally considered an insurmountable obstacle for wheelchair users, the wheelchair runners developed for the purpose now offer an effective solution. Known as Wheelblades, they are small, high-quality, adjustable mini-skis that click onto the front wheels of wheelchairs or buggies. With the innovative Wheelblades, you can drive and steer your wheelchair in winter conditions – so let another winter come!

Stay on track

The runners of the Wheelblades distribute the pressure of the caster wheels over a larger surface. Two channels in the underside ensure directional stability so you always stay on track.

Firmly mounted in a single step

The Wheelblades are straightforward to attach and remove. A firm clamping mechanism ensures safety.

Always fits

From 3" skater wheels to 7" pneumatic tyres, narrow or wide: Wheelblades fit all common caster wheel sizes.

A matter of settings

Wheelblades are precisely adjustable to your wheel width. We include the Allen wrench required for the purpose.

Wheelblades attachment – it's that simple


Position the Wheelblades in front of your wheelchair.


Manoeuvre your wheelchair into the Wheelchair clamping mechanism.


Check whether your wheelchair is firmly positioned and straight on the Wheelblades.


Close the clamp lever and off you go.

Technical data

One size fits all 3“ to 8“


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