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Sports open up a whole new world of possibilities to people with disabilities. Some people engage in sports to become more active; others want to increase their level of fitness, and others simply enjoy moving around or having fun with other people. Or all these things. More than 30 years ago, when Ottobock began supporting Paralympic athletes, the introduction of special carbon springs radically improved athletic performance at the Paralympic Games. Over the following years, we continued to work hand in hand with role models from the world of sports in order to optimise our sports products and services. New methods and products were tested – with the aim of providing better support not only to top-level athletes, but to children and recreational athletes as well. Today, those who seek will virtually always find appropriate opportunities to engage in individual sports or team sports, and also suitable sports equipment. When it comes to choosing or using the right prosthesis or wheelchair for the respective sport, a few tips can be a big help for newcomers in particular. One thing we’ve learned from sports – and this applies to professionals and amateurs alike – is that you can often achieve so much more tomorrow than you believe possible today.

Getting started in sports with a disability.

First steps are often the hardest. It’s wise not to overdo things and give your body plenty of time to adjust.


How can I stay motivated?

Amateur athletes and Paralympic stars share advice on how to stay motivated and avoid getting stuck in a rut in your sports routine.


Which sport is right for me?

Numerous factors play a role when it comes to choosing a sport. We differentiate between team sports and individual sports. We’ve also compiled information for parents who want to help their child find a suitable sport.


Sportsline products

Running prosthesis system TF

With the 3S80 Sport running prosthesis, the technology from the custom, high-performance prosthesis for professional athletes has now been successfully transferred to series production prosthetic components for amateur sports.


3S80 Sport knee joint

The 3S80 Sport knee joint in combination with the 4R204 Sport foot adapter and the 1E90 carbon spring foot is ideal for sporty transfemoral amputees who enjoy running.


Runner 1E91

From relaxed running along forest trails to powerful sprints – the Runner proves itself as an ideal running prosthesis for recreational and competitive athletes, including both adults and youths.


Sprinter 1E90

The internationally proven Sprinter 1E90 sport foot with carbon spring contour meets the high requirements for sports with transfemoral and transtibial amputations.


Runner junior 1E93

Children can be fitted with a sport prosthesis as well. In addition to participation in physical education, a sport prosthesis supports age-appropriate development and allows children to experience the joy of movement in their social environment.