Liners in the Skeo range

Skeo Pure – the transparent liner

You can visually check the appearance of your skin while wearing the liner. The liner is also easy to clean and dries quickly.

Skeo Skinguard – with antibacterial additive

An antibacterial additive prevents the growth of bacteria due to perspiration. Odours are minimised as a result.

Skeo 3D – anatomical lower leg liner

The material is thinner in the hollow of the knee, which makes bending the knee easier. It is thicker in other areas to pad sensitive regions.

Skeo 3D – anatomical thigh liner

Soft tissue is comfortably embedded and enclosed to provide support.

Skeo Sealing Liner

Skeo Sealing Liner

Are you looking for independence without investing a lot of time in your prosthesis? The Skeo Sealing leaves you free to focus on the important things in life.


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User information for liner

Here you will find tips and tricks for the daily use of your liner and care of your residual limb.

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