Genium X3 bionic prosthetic system

Discovering new horizons

Benefits at a glance

Confidence for every step

Thanks to its unique technology, the microprocessor-controlled leg prosthesis gives you a smooth gait pattern that is easy on your body, relieving your musculoskeletal system and giving you freedom in everyday life.

Highly natural thanks to high-tech features

Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, your Genium X3 responds reliably – in real time. As a result, it lets you change walking speeds, take stairs step-over-step, overcome obstacles safely, stand in a relaxed position on inclines and walk backwards.

Water? No problem

The Genium X3 lets you shower, swim or work in damp conditions without thinking twice. Special materials, coatings and components protect the electronics. The joint is waterproof (even when exposed to strong jets of water) and corrosion-resistant.

Custom modes

Want to permanently configure your leg prosthesis for activities you do frequently? No problem: Thanks to the large selection of MyModes plus, you and your technician can set up five pre-settings for work, recreation and sports. These can be easily selected using the app or a movement pattern.

Change your prosthesis settings yourself

The new Genium X3 provides the basis for easily configuring your prosthesis thanks to the new Cockpit app for iPhone (iOS) and Android devices. This lets you check the battery charge level or quickly activate your personal pre-settings.


Moving at high speed

Whether you’re running to catch the bus or keeping up with your kids: The walk-to-run function lets you change speeds spontaneously for short sprints. An additional running mode for longer distances was developed especially for sports activities with the Genium X3.


Unique technology at the heart of your mobility

Movement is calculated with incomparable accuracy and initiated in real time by the Genium X3, whether on uneven terrain and slopes, when changing speeds or in confined spaces. Studies prove that providing targeted relief for the contralateral side also has long-term health benefits. Particularly robust materials allow even more freedom of movement, including in wet and harsh environments. Users can benefit from focusing their attention on the important things in life, rather than having to think about every step. A technology that serves people.

Smart adjustment options via app

It’s all in your hands. Thanks to integrated Bluetooth®, the Genium X3 can be configured using an app. This makes it very easy to select additional movement patterns, which are stored by your technician as MyModes. Switch the joint to mute mode when you visit a cinema or theatre. You can also read the battery charge level with the Cockpit app. The new Genium X3 can be configured with the Cockpit app for Android was well as Apple (iOS) devices.


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The benefits of the Genium X3 and Genium have been scientifically proven multiple times.


  • Who can wear the Genium X3?

    The Genium X3 is suitable for all transfemoral amputees who benefit from its outstanding everyday characteristics and want to experience new possibilities thanks to the water and corrosion resistance of the Genium X3. Bilateral amputees can be fitted with the Genium X3 as well. Special functions geared to the needs of bilateral amputees can be activated in the adjustment software.

  • Where can I test a Genium X3 knee prosthesis?

    The Genium X3 is fitted by certified medical supply companies whose employees have completed special training. A trial fitting may be obtained from one of these companies. It takes place over a predetermined period of time and is monitored by Ottobock when needed.

  • How long will it take me to learn how to use the Genium X3 properly?

    We can't make any general statements regarding this. A majority of trial users are able to take stairs step-over-step on the very first day. However, this may also take a few days or weeks depending on the individual situation.

  • What all is included in a fitting with a Genium X3 leg prosthesis?

    The fitting includes all components from an appropriate prosthetic socket to a prosthetic foot. Your O&P professional will customise these components to your individual needs. The assembly and setup of the chosen components are of course also included, as well as regular service inspections.

  • How long will the battery of the Genium X3 last?

    Intelligent energy management integrated in the Genium X3 results in a battery capacity of five days when fully charged. However, we recommend charging the prosthesis every night.

  • How do I know when the battery is running low?

    Vibration signals warn you in a timely manner when the battery charge level becomes critically low. Once it is drained entirely or if the power supply fails, the Genium X3 automatically switches to safety mode.

  • Can I shower or go swimming with the Genium X3?

    The Genium X3 is waterproof (even against strong jets of water), and only corrosion-resistant components are used. High-quality materials protect the sensitive electronics in the prosthesis. The Genium X3 was assigned the highest possible protection class, IP 68.

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