Lower limb prosthetics

Mobility means quality of life. This applies to every age and especially to those who had a lower limb amputated. The demands on a prosthesis are as different as our lives are varied. Ottobock provides the solution for the fitting that is perfectly adapted to your requirements. Our prostheses allow you to participate in many day-to-day and leisure activities without major limitations. The prerequisite, naturally, is a fitting that meets your individual needs. The best possible kind of fitting is determined in conversation with your doctor, orthopaedic technician and the rehabilitation team.

Information for amputees

You find yourself in a new situation after an amputation. The most important goal of your entire treatment is to help you attain the most function and mobility possible, so you can lead an active life


User stories

Modern prostheses from Ottobock make it possible to preserve or restore your mobility. On our YouTube channel, we introduce you to people who wear a prosthesis and actively take part in life.

YouTube user stories

Technical terms

Here you will find comprehensible explanations of common medical technology terminology.