Ottobock launches online Knee Selection tool to aid prosthetists

New interactive tool supports prosthetists when deciding which knee is best suited to individual patients based on both mobility and activities

New interactive tool supports prosthetists

Ottobock, a world-leading supplier of innovative solutions for people with limited mobility, has officially launched its Knee Selection online application. The new tool analyses amputees’ needs, daily life and activities to find the best Ottobock knee joint for their individual requirements.

The online app, available to download or view now, asks multiple choice questions based on the mobility grade of the amputee, the user’s weight class and what activities they participate in regularly in everyday life. It then quickly determines which prostheses would be most suitable and provides in-depth product details, including how effective each is for achieving selected activities and a 360 degree video of each knee.

“We aim to provide advice and support to our customers whenever possible, and as such have developed this new online tool to guide clinical team members as to the best knee joints for their clients. It will enable quick and easily obtainable intelligence to aid the decision-making process of a fitting,” states Ken Hurst, Academy Prosthetist. “Ottobock have a range of knee joints to suit a wide selection of amputees from indoor walkers to those who partake in an active lifestyle. This tool will quickly select which are most appropriate.”

Ken Hurst continues, “As prostheses are an integral part of the rehabilitation process following an amputation, it is essential that users identify the right knee for their needs. Choosing the correct solution brings many benefits including steadier and more natural walking gait to the wearer, enabling users can focus on their everyday activities and enjoy a more independent and active lifestyle including the ability to walk longer distances.”

The range of knees within the online tool from Ottobock includes the intelligent Genium® which can differentiate between when a user is standing still and walking. This enables the user to achieve natural weight distribution and stand on flat, uneven or inclined surfaces due to its inbuilt microprocessor-controlled system. It includes 10 modes for special movement patterns such as cycling, cross-country skiing and golf, together with programming capabilities via an integrated Bluetooth interface.

The collection also includes the world renowned C-Leg, a microprocessor controller leg prosthesis that intelligently controls and adapts to an individual's gait. The inbuilt microprocessor allows it to mimic the actions of the knee and adapt to all walking speeds in real time, and the newest model offers an improved swing phase control to give easier, smoother movement at the knee joint with a larger range of movement possible. As a result, amputees are able to easily move whilst expending minimum energy and without the need to focus on their prosthesis and gait.

Ottobock’s new Knee Selection tool is available initially as an online app and can be accessed now at